Female Education in Bangladesh

Female Education in Bangladesh

A Bangladeshi Village Primary School
Female education in Bangladesh was not satisfactory only some years ago. But now the condition has improved to some extent, though not satisfactorily. In 1974, the number of school-going children of the age-group 5-9 years was 2464 thousands.Of them 1454 thousand were boys and 1010 thousand were girls. Where as in 1991,the total number of school-going children were 7212 thousand. Of this number, 3837 thousand were boys and 3375 thousand were girls. These date show that the situation has improved.

If we consider secondary education, we see that in 1993-94 3008 thousand boys and 1876 thousand girls studied in this level. This situation changed to 3448 thousand boys and 2841 thousand girls in 1997-98.

When female education is considered, levels higher than the secondary level need not be considered. So we can say that we are in a hopeful situation. However, female education also includes women who have been given literacy by various adult literacy programs. Thousands of women who were illiterate earlier have received minimum literacy in the past few years. The activities of some NGOs also play a part in this movement. We can hope that a time will come soon when most women of our country will be at least literate, if not highly educated.

However, if education means something related more to knowledge than to literacy, then we can say that our women's education level has increased at least five fold on an average as compared to the situation of 1974. Now they have health education, hygiene education, pregnancy education, technical or professional education, and so on. So we should be hopeful.

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