Liberation War of Bangladesh



Libaration War of Bangladesh in -1971
Liberation is the birth right of men. As man cannot live without air, no nation can be exposed without liberation or independence. Every independent nation has the background history of long struggle and blood curdling war of liberation. To achieve independence from the long colonial dependency, the Bengali nation had to face a bloody liberation war. After the brutal killing by the Pakistani rulers in the night of 25 march 1971, the declaration of independence spread all over the country. The Bengali nation taking the stern oath, was prepared to fight against the Pakistani rulers. In the city, port, village, district everywhere obstacles were built up against them. Teachers-students, service-holders, farmers, laborers, journalists, engineer, doctors and the people of all professions formed freedom fighters group unitedly. The more the Pakistani rulers oppressed the Bengali, the more the freedom fighters fought bravely against them. At the very end, after a series of struggle about nine months, Bangladesh came into being in the 16th December 1971. Many people sacrificed their valuable lives to make their homeland free from the political social, economical and cultural aggression. Liberation war is the glorious chapter of Bangladesh. It has enflamed our consciousness with new inspiration. It has enriched the socio-economic, political and cultural atmosphere of Bangladesh. But the real sweet fruit of independence is not yet to be achieved. However, to achieve it we have to work hard unitedly and wholeheartedly.

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