Birds Of Bangladesh

Birds of Bangladesh

Oriental Magpie Robin (Bangladesh National Bird)

Birds are a part and parcel of our environment. We can listen to the songs of native birds from the dawn to dusk. The birds make us charming all the while. Birds are named differently according to their food, shelter, voice and nature. The various kinds of birds are the ugly bird, domestic bird, aquatic bird, prey bird , game bird etc.

The crow is the most common bird of our country. Its color is black and voice is harsh. It has a strong bill. It is an early riser. It wakes up before sunrise. We know that the night is going to be over when it caws. It is a very clever bird as well as a great thief. It steals any food or soap from our house at any chance.

The cuckoo is a singing bird. It is a migratory bird too. Its color is black but very fine to look at. It sings sweetly during the spring. It is very shy and cannot bear the heat of the sun. So, it likes to live in the hiding places. It cannot make nests, so it lays eggs in the nests of the crow.

The Duck, the Pigeon, the Goose. The Hen are useful domestic birds. We get eggs and meat from them. The other domestic birds are the Sparrow, Tuntuni and Jalali pigeon. The Dahuk. the Pankauri. the Dove are the most common game birds of Bangladesh. The Cock is the well-known game bird too. Some Pigeons make games flying in the sky in different attractive manners as well.

The Crane, the Stork, the kite, the Hawk are the prey birds of Bangladesh. There are ugly birds too. The Crane and Storks prey fishes while the kite and Eagle prey fishes and chickens.

Birds are a great help to maintain the balance of our environment. They eat up the insects that damage our crops. Birds are a great attraction to the tourists also. Birds eat the insects and dead animals and saves us from environmental pollution. Some of us kill birds cruelly. There should be proper management for the prevention of this cruel killing of our native birds.

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