Bangladeshi Culture


 Girls are dancing to celebrate festival of the Pahela Baishakh Baishakh
Every nation has a culture f its own. Similarly we have an age old and traditional culture of our own. We have our own language, dress, food habit, manner of eating, manner of speaking, moje of behavior, games and sports, social values andc ustoms,religion, profession. music, art, literature etc which are part and parcel of our culture. Though we have a rich culture of our own, we are going to lose some of our culture. Today we don't like folk songs, zari. sari. bhatiali etc. These songs are going to lose their appeal. Today we are fond of band music, Hindi and English song and music. Western culture has both good and bad effect on our society. Western culture has introduced us with the people, society, education, history and culture of the whole of western world.
It enables us to cultural consciousness of the western world in our house. It helps us to make a comparative study between western civilization and ours and to judge the standard of our culture. It also helps to enrich our civilization by accepting the good things of western civilization. The disadvantages of Western culture for the society of Bangladesh are very alarming. It has already freated bad effect on our youngsters. the young people are trying to imitate. Western gross and vulgar .culture forgetting our own culture. If this continues, our won culture, and tradition will be abolished soon. As this is the age of global station. we will not be able to distard western civilisation. Rather we should try to imitate what is good ill western civilisation and give up what is bad in there.

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